While El Salvador’s security improves, it loses ground in freedom of press

Fui entrevistada por Melissa Vida, una periodista basada en Bélgica, sobre mi percepción en el deterioro de la libertad de expresión en El Salvador y mis críticas a la glorificación a la militarización. Comparto algunas de mis opiniones.

Public shaming may dissuade others to speak their mind in the country. Karla Castillo, a Salvadoran human rights activist, had questioned Bukele’s penchant for the growing militarization of El Salvador on Facebook and the post went viral. Thousands of people criticized her opinion and her person by insulting and threatening her.


“People get offended because Bukele is their only hope,” Karla Castillo told Global Voices by phone. “So any criticism against the president is criticism towards them and their hope.” What worries her is that the president is “prompting others to follow his lead.”

Although she believes that the president has good intentions to fix the country, she says that he may “have strategies on how to manipulate public opinion.” She believes that one of these strategies is to make the press the enemy and avoid uncomfortable questions. Another strategy, according to her, would be to create the vision of a country that does not exist yet and discredit contrary opinions. 

“Of course I want the country to improve, my friends have lived through horrible stories of murder,” she said. “But I want things to be done in the right and truthful way.” She believes that attacks on freedom of speech is a form of violence in itself.

 “People have written to me in private to thank me for being that voice, because they don’t dare criticize the president openly because of online attacks,” she said.

Pueden leer el artículo completo en el siguiente link: https://advox.globalvoices.org/2019/10/01/while-el-salvadors-security-improves-it-loses-ground-in-freedom-of-press/

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